What’s on Your Workbench?

Now more than ever, the world needs innovators. Engineers with big ideas looking to make big advances to change the world. But bringing those ideas to life requires access to the right tools, anytime, anywhere. It’s happening today. Engineers working on workbenches set up in garages, basements, home offices, sheds, and labs, are churning out big advancements, from drug delivery robots, rapid medical tests, and temperature screening kiosks, to devices that inactivate coronavirus particles in the air using ultraviolet light. This is just the beginning. What big advance will come next and from where? Will you be that innovator?

Share Your Story To Win

Keysight Technologies is inviting engineers to pull back the curtain on their workbench and tell us what mark they are making with it. To enter, engineers must submit a short description with at least one visual illustration or a video of their workbench, along with their goals, achievements, and even wildest dreams. Dazzle us. Get real with us. Or convince us why you desperately need a workbench upgrade to make your big ideas come true.


Six winners will be selected, one each week over the course of six weeks. Winners will receive a new Keysight Smart Bench Essentials Series consisting of a DC power supply, oscilloscope, function generator, and digital multimeter. A prize valued at $2,500.

Popular Votes

Keysight Technologies encourages you to vote on the entries submitted in the contest. We want to hear your voices on which entries are the best. The top 5 most popular votes will be announced towards the end of the contest.

To enter the contest, click on the “Get Started” link in the menu above.


Announced April 13
Jack Tufft
Equipping GU Rocketry for the Future

Jack's entry painted a riveting picture of the GU Rocketry project and the team's passion for space exploration and rocketry. He clearly described how Keysight's SBE equipment will enable them to gain hands-on engineering experience and real insights into their data while performing detailed analysis of hybrid engines. Keysight wishes Jack and the entire GU Rocketry team success as they shoot for the stars!


Announced April 6
David Olijnyk
A Place of Possibility

David stood out to us because of his creativity and engineering spirit. At Keysight, our goal is to inspire the possibilities and innovation in electronic design and development. David's current ability to design is limited by his bench equipment. He clearly demonstrated the benefits that the Smart Bench Essentials series will have on his ability to innovate and bring his ideas to life. We can't wait to see what David will come up with next.

Announced March 30
Jesi Domingo
Reaching for the Stars

Jesi Domingo impressed us with her creativeness and innovation, aspiring to use space science to uncover the effects of microgravity on Earth's applications. Her current bench is quite minimal and clearly needs the Smart Bench Essentials equipment to help her better test her project. And we agree that her bench equipment should definitely outnumber the plants she has on it. We hope she makes good use of Keysight's Smart Bench Essentials to work from home more effectively and to join forces with other researches to further space exploration.

Announced March 23
Mark Hughes
I am Married and I Need your Help

Both Mark and Keysight have a shared passion for educating current and next-generation engineers. His sense of humor and creativity really differentiated him from the competition. We imagine he uses that same approach to engage EEs in learning how to design PCBs. He clearly demonstrated the benefits of how Keysight Smart Bench Essentials would help him share his knowledge with fellow engineers to better enable their future innovations. Thank you Mark, for reminding all of us that engineering is much more than just facts and figures, it's fun too.