35 years ago we lived in a 1000 square foot earth home so space was at a premium. I built a bunk bed with queen waterbed for the lower level and a twin mattress on top as well as a storage area on the bottom. Shortly after we moved to a larger home in 1995 the pieces, along with a free wooden door, were converted to a workbench. At the time I was a hi-fi repair person by trade and the bench was located in an upstairs bedroom. For the past 20 years I've been in the television transmitter field and for most if not all of that the bench has been in the basement. It was somewhat clear this morning but I guess that I need more space. Or less stuff. So if I win some new equipment, perhaps I can get rid of something. Ha ha and fingers crossed; we all know it will just move to the garage.

Note the old B&K scope, a couple of tries at a function generator (the Sound Technology mostly works), and some Non Linear Systems early 'digital' equipment (that DVM never worked quite right, but the battery powered CRT scope still does). I do have a somewhat better DC supply than the home built ones in the photos, but an upgrade would be great. So if I should win a new scope, meter or power supply I will certainly be a "well equipped technician" (from an '80s Audio Labs advert) and better able to carry on with building and repairing all sorts of electronics in my retirement years.


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