I am developing an ATE test application called ScpiStudio. This application is designed for the programmer and non-programmer alike. It shields the user from the tedious tasks of ATE development and allows the user to focus on the tests being run. The goal of this product is to make the testing of electronic devices more about the devices and less about the tool which tests them. The source of the test programs are stored and run out of a database. I have created a language which is built around the SCPI (Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments - ~300 in all). The language contains read and write instructions (such as VISAWRT, VISARD, VISAQRY) and a number of software constructs such as loops, counters, branching, function calls, table calls, mathematics, and others. The utilization of existing intellectual property is seamless, as any Test Program (database table) may call any other Test Program (database table). In essence, "What not's to like?". This product also plays well with others and can not only run clones of itself across the network, but merge with other test floor automation product to enhance the users ability to synchronize and run tests in parallel across multiple PC controllers.

My test bench is comprised of inexpensive equipment which can only take so far in developing ScpiStudio to be usable in the world of IOT, 5G and 6G component and system production testing. I also need some street cred and Keysight equipment would allow me to get there. I also have limited funds (who doesn't), and hope these type of contests can help spring board AIS to become a serious player.

I aspire to get Automated Integrated Solutions off of the mat, and be a leader in Software Automation products for the ATE, Biotech, and Electronics Industries. I also intend to add motion and vision to this product and expand into the general automation world.



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