I would like to be considered for the Keysight Work Bench Upgrade.

I am an electrical engineer who has been working from home, analyzing the performance of analog IC’s.

My current bench setup currently works, however it could benefit from an upgrade to modern equipment!

It consists of:

  1. 10Mhz analog oscilloscope
  2. Variable waveform generator
  3. Triple-rail linear power supply
  4. Analog volt meter
  5. Highly integrated onto one breadboard

My Leader 10Mhz two-channel analog oscilloscope works great but has very limited bandwidth and attenuates high speed signals.

I use a 555 timer IC to generate waveforms up to about 1Mhz. This circuit generates square waves, but other waveforms are possible by adding a few components.

The three-rail power supply is implemented using two batteries to generate the +/- 9V rails and a LM7805 linear regulator to generate the 5V rail. The outputs are very clean.

I use a Radio Shack volt meter which support AC and DC volts and can measure resistance.

While this bench setup is functional, it could use an update to modern equipment!

Thank You Keysight!
-Ted Fried


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