My workbench is where I spend most of my time, but my setup is missing something. I have everything I need except an oscilloscope when I need to troubleshoot my projects. With the tools I have now I make everything from my school project, which I can't make at school because of Covid19, to home projects which vary a lot, but my focus right now is on home automation. My goal is to make new contraptions that can help people out there. A good example is the elderly that need help with the most basic everyday stuff. Here my goal is to make something that can help them get through the day without much hassle. The main challenges I face when making contraptions at my worktable is the equipment needed to troubleshoot and sometimes make the electronics. Most of the equipment I have is something I needed to make myself due to high cost (crude lab bench power supply,etc).

If I had to answer this question 2 years ago my greatest challenge would have been knowledge but in the last 3-4 years I have non-stop watched YouTube videos like eletroboom and others and have read countless articles about electronics so now knowledge is not my greatest challenge but I would say that I still have a lot to learn. At the moment I am stuck with most of my projects due to the lack of equipment and I would really like to use the potential I think I have to do something good.


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