My workbench has basic test equipment, such as the multimeter which has an inbuilt continuity tester, transistor gain analyzer, ohm-meter, ammeter, and voltmeter of course. I've worked on various FPGA and Microcontroller development boards in developing projects in IoT and Embedded Systems. Soldering iron is a crucial part of my workbench as most of my PCBs and multipurpose PCB boards require soldering works to be carried out. My workbench also has a drilling machine and glue gun to fabricate my projects. Since I don't have an oscilloscope on my test bench, I decided to build one using an old CRT TV by tweaking its hardware, It did work! (Link in YouTube video description). But I can't use it to analyze the performance of amplifiers where frequency domain operations are to be carried out or the DAC that I have to complete for my latest project which is building a fully functional computer with a System on Chip ported onto the DE0 Nano FPGA Development Board. Planning to build the audio amplifier for the SoC which would also require the use of a DSO wherein frequency response plot (bode plots) is an inbuilt feature in most of the DSOs. It also becomes essential to analyze signals from an FPGA or an MCU while using protocols such as UART, SPI, I2C, etc. DSOs these days have signal decode functions also as an inbuilt feature. A stable power supply becomes very crucial in testing designs that are too sensitive to fluctuations in the power supply. An upgrade to the workbench would be really great to kick-start new projects with high aims and complete pending projects.

I've been involved in doing projects in Embedded Systems and IoT since 2010. Starting from small projects such as voltage multipliers using charge pumps to actually building consumer products such as the contact-less UV-C-based disinfecting machine which won prizes in the UV Robot Design contest conducted by and Recycle and Retrofit Project14 contest conducted by Element14.


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