I've accomplished many things in my life. I'm an Eagle Scout, I've survived cancer and its various recurrences. I taught High School Physics for 15 years. But now I've reached a hurdle I can't overcome. I'm married and my wife won't let me buy nice things. For that, I need your help.

Now the good news for Keysight is that I am a contract technical creator who creates content for electrical engineers -- that means your tools are going to be used to teach practicing EEs. And, should I outgrow the tools, they won't end up on eBay. I mentor my local university's EE team in their Titan Rover project and have a history of sending technical gear their way.

I'm easily impressed by expensive things and these tools will undoubtedly warm my cold heart. They will get put to good use. Some of the electronic designs I have under my belt.


If you're interested, you can actually see them all at https://www.allaboutcircuits.com/author/mark-hughes/

I also run TeachMePCB.com -- a website that teaches new EEs how to design PCBs. We provided free parts, boards, and assembly to all students who completed their design by the deadline. If you want to see the content, login as a guest using code "RCS."

Thank you, Keysight. I look forward to winning the contest.

Please find attached two line drawings exemplifying both my professionalism while using a DMM as well as the joy I get from receiving shiny new objects.

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