I am currently an undergrad doing a B.E. in Electronics and Communications Engineering.

I work on quite a lot of projects but as a student I am hitting a bottleneck in terms of making circuits and deeply testing them. Currently, I am working on various projects ranging from making my own CNC to circuit projects like making a power supply, video decoders, sound recorder and oscilloscope. Till now, i have been using micro controllers as signal analyzers in order to debug circuits. However, I have now hit a bottleneck as the intricacies of projects are increasing. With such complexity, I have no other choice but to hope that one day i will have my dream bench consisting of a state of the art DSO, a world class power supply and an ultimate multi-meter. However, I have a budget limitation because of which I cannot do so. While searching for options, I saw your Keysight event on ELECTROBOOM's channel and i hope maybe you can help me out.


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