I am a Mechatronics apprentice with limited space and money, but I try to make the best out of it.

The steering wheel prototype was one of my first projects. Since then, I've decided to set my focus on EE.

At the moment the electronics consist only of an Arduino Nano, but the next step is designing my own PCB with a STM32F103.

Besides that, I've begun to design a PCB which is shown on the left screen in the photos: It consists of an ATMega1284P connected to a Bosch BME680 air quality sensor together with a 886MHz module.

The goal is to measure the air quality in my room with a small device powered by two batteries and transmit the measurements to my Homematic smart home server.

My latest project is an ESP8266 based particulate matter measuring device. One of those devices is on the breadboard for testing, the second device with a 3D printed case has the status of an official measuring device in my workplace.

Every one of those three is fully developed and created by me with self-taught knowledge.

Since I got more and more into EE and my tools aren't quite up to this, I would love to win and could make great use of your tools:

  • I have only an old power supply which isn't accurate and stable enough for EE purposes.
  • My old analog scope is nearly completely useless for modern circuits. The Keysight EDUX1052 would do everything I need and the integrated training signals are looking great for learning how to use it.
  • The Function Generator looks like a great and useful tool for testing and debugging circuits.
  • The absolute killer feature of those products together would be the ability to connect them all via BenchVue.

As an apprentice I don't have the money to buy those products, but they would be really very useful for me to develop my skills faster and further. I don't want to stop learning after finishing school; my goal is to be able to launch my own company and develop my own products in the future.


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