My career with electronics started 5 years ago. Now I'm in the 4th year of my electronic education in technician school. The thing which I do most is repairing consumer devices like laptops, PCs. I have an idea to make my own custom blind remote driver. I'm still a student so I have a small amount of money for my workshop upgrade. On my bench I have: Cheap but quite good soldering station, also regulated bench power supply, Uni-Trend handheld multimeter and oscilloscope brand Hantek. It's cheap but works especially nice. The last device probably the most useful for work with small devices is a video camera with magnifying, at least I also have hot air. Now I'm dreaming of your products like the msox3000 series and other devices like bench multimeter logic analyzer and multi channel bench power supply which can make faster evolution of my projects. After school I want to study electronics to improve my ideas and better understand how devices work. I love my attic facility where I have my workshop because there I sometimes have my best ideas. Last dream is to work for an innovative corporation like yours or something connected with ICT. 


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