Hello, I am mechanical engineering student from Mumbai India. I have built my lab piece by piece over last 3 years and it is still expanding.

I have also created a dedicated site for this Keysight competition. The link for the same is: https://sites.google.com/view/harshadbyadgikeysightsbca/home

My lab: I have some power tools like a drill, a jigsaw, electric screwdriver and Dremel. I also have a 3D printer. With so much equipment, I have done some really good electronics projects too. I have made a stroboscope, a tachometer, a coil gun and a few more. I also have an Instructables page and a small YouTube channel; link for which is on the site that I have mentioned above.

However, even after so much equipment, I am really missing a DSO. I really need one because I want to be able to develop more efficient timer circuits. A lot of projects that I have done revolve around building some circuit for acquiring data from the environment. Before the data can be fed into a microcontroller, the data often needs to be processed in op-amps and BJTs and the data is generally sourced from a piezo crystal, or a microphone or LDR. The data they process is generally fast varying DC and a DSO is very necessary to track the signal in so many resistance capacitors and ICs.

The nice Keysight scopes also allow the data to be exported which will also be very helpful in academic publications.

I am hoping that I will be considered for the scope as I really need one. I have been using my DSO 138 for 2 years now and I have sufficient experience knowing what a scope is needed for. While the $20 scope does the job for some applications, it is nowhere near what a proper DSO can do. It also has no way to export data to a computer which is needed for a lot of academic purposes.

I will be a good engineer with knowledge of both electrical and mechanical engineering; the former from learning with the Internet and DSO and the latter from learning with textbooks.

Thank you.


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