Hi everyone!

My name is Jasper, I'm twenty years old and I study Physics at the University of Amsterdam and VU Amsterdam. I had some major issues due to Covid last year; I had trouble figuring out how to efficiently study from home, spending 40-60 hours a week behind my desk. I lost the motivation and passion I always used to have. Now, after a full year, I've caught up with all but one course, which will start within two weeks. I've had a rough year, probably like many of you as well. Yet, I have finally regained my optimism, which only gives me more motivation to try my best to, despite of the setbacks last year, complete my Bachelor study without any delays in June 2020.

Eventually, I want to get a PhD. I'm not sure yet which direction I'll choose, since the possibilities within Physics alone are almost endless, but I do know that I really want to have an impact on society with the research I'll do.

Some examples of research that is being done at institutes related to my university's are Quantum Computing/ Encryption, a new techniques for Medical Imaging, Nanolithography, Massive Stars, Dark Matter, Solar Cells, and much, much more. I personally prefer research with more use to it than just "knowing things to know things," so I'm a little less interested in how the universe works, and more in solving problems affecting the entire world, or create new/improved current technologies using Physics.

That's where Electrical Engineering comes in. The necessary equipment often doesn't exist, because the experiments have never been done before, and have to be custom designed and made.

Therefore, I spend as much time as I can finding my way around Electronics, but as a student I don't have much money for equipment. I do have some basic stuff (see illustration), but I also lack basic stuff like a function generator and an oscilloscope.

That is why I genuinely want to upgrade my "bench." Either way, I'm glad to be able to attend these lectures, so big thanks for that! :)



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