Keysight (aka HP aka Agilent Technologies) makes the best equipment in the world. That said, it is kind of sad when the lab bench of an RF engineer has a non Keysight (USB) scope, and the piece of Hewlett Packard gear was obsolete over a decade ago. During COVID, my bench at home has been busier than my bench at work. I've been working on software defined radios, IoT, and a few random repairs. Loading out this bench with relevant test and measurement equipment will allow me to continue working on SDR from my lab. The Software Defined Radio (SDR) is for a number of SatCom communication efforts. The ultimate goal being developing a DSP digital twin for a SatCom downlink. I also do internal classes for work on things like Digital Beam Forming, and likely soon SDR. With a serious setup, I might even make some DIY YouTube videos, but for now, this is not yet a bench worth showing off, but you have the power to change this! Thank you for reading this.*

FYI: I am in Colorado too, so delivery is easy! ;o)



*And yes, I will go get a fire extinguisher per your video!


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