My name is Jhornel. I am from the Philippines but am now living in Japan. Since I was 12 I have been so interested in Electronics that I studied it after graduating from elementary education. We did not have a lot of money because we are poor, so every Christmas I would save a little money that I would receive from singing in front of people (because it was Christmas season) so that I could buy a book about Electronics. I would then study it and try to build the circuits that are inside by getting some parts from my dad's parts bin because he works as a repair man repairing broken televisions and house appliances. And I would then be so excited and happy when the circuit that I have built went well, or frustrated when it would not. (But I was learning and so in the end I was still happy.)

I have applied for work here in Japan and have met my wife here. My work is as a junior engineer helping design ASIC and custom integrated circuits. I am still new to this field but l find it very challenging and fun at the same time. In my free time I would design my own circuit using free software (LTspice, etc.) and also design my own PCB for it. I am still learning and I want to learn as much as I can so I can invent a new circuit topology or invent a device that would eventually help change the whole world to be better.

My goal is to be very skilled in Electronics testing and circuit designing so I can achieve that goal. When I came here to Japan, finance was still a problem so I would save little by little until I could finally buy my first oscilloscope. It was a cheap one but still useful.

I pray and hope that I could be one of the winners of the smart bench essentials. I would really take care of it and will use it to make a big impact on the world.


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