I could really use a "refit." My bench is in a crowded corner of my workspace in my basement, where I work on my electronics projects and maintain my antique computer collection (www.computercollection.net). I have three really old multimeters, not including a VTVM (a DeVry unit gifted to me by my late uncle in 1967!), a Sears branded moving needle meter, an old Micronta digital meter and a more "modern" Radio Shack meter with an RS232 (not USB) interface - all over 20 years old. My bench power supply is a 30+ year old unit I built from a Radio Shack circuit-board kit back in the day - that they used to promote selling parts: two 0-20V 1A supplies, that can be coupled - but the analog meters on it read 0-50ua. The only signal generator I have is an old Olson tube unit with analog readout - almost useless (if it works at all), and three oscilloscopes: A disused Heathkit IO-4540 single trace (with triggered sweep), an (ahem) Tektronix DS2245A 100 MHz 'scope and an (ahem) Rigol DS2072A 70 MHz DSO that is my main unit - and it doesn't have enough bandwidth. I have three old logic analyzers, all HP: a disused HP 1650B, a disused HP 1653B and a rarely used Agilent 1672G (eBay and Ham Fests). Help! I am drowning in old marginal equipment, and could really use newer, faster equipment for my projects. But thousands of dollars would be out of my budget range, and at nearly 70 years old, time is of the essence. ;)

My projects include various units for maintaining my old computers (EPROM programmers and the like, and things like a S100-based PDP-11 processor board), Ham Radio projects, and my current work on reproducing the IBM 1410 (pre IBM 360 era) mainframe computer in a FPGA.

I need all the help I can get. ;) [I could upload a video on request.]


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