This is my multi-purpose maker space where I do everything from woodworking and forging to hot-air rework. Lately I have been doing more work with SDR and RF applications to support a machine learning project a friend and I are working on, but I try and keep the space open and flexible so I can tackle whatever is coming my way. I would ultimately like to separate out the electronics workstation, but I don't currently have the space to do it. I am hoping to keep expanding how the workspace can be used for SDR/RF, and start moving toward amateur space and high altitude weather balloon applications.

The first two images show the space in use for a keyboard repair and part of my forge build. The last image shows some tests of an old oscilloscope I acquired, along with some test Colpitts circuits to check the quality of some crystal oscillators I had purchased. You can follow along with all these things at @astro_adjacent on twitter and instagram.


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