I am 25 years old and hold a Red-Seal Journeyman Electrician Certificate, and an Electrical Engineering Technology Diploma. Currently I am in my 3rd year of my Electrical Engineering Degree at Lakehead University. My workbench includes a soldering iron, cheap DC power supply and an old analog Tektronix oscilloscope I bought with money I made from fixing up multimeters and selling them. I also collected many electronic components I salvaged from my apartment dumpster while I’ve been in school. I’ve built many crude AC/DC power supplies, electromagnets, filters and much more with these salvaged components.

I fell in love with electricity during my electrical apprenticeship at the age of 18, and developed a huge curiosity that pushed me to continue learning as much as I can. I love my textbooks and hope to read them fully after I graduate. Currently, my electrical engineering schooling is all online with labs all online too. It would be a tremendous help to have this equipment to better understand and master the material I’m learning. I would use it to better understand Laplace circuit analysis and differential equations, electronic communications, semiconductor physics and components, control systems and controllers, electrodynamics, and much more.

I hope one day to puruse a career in RF/Microwave technology, radar, or controls systems. I also plan on starting a side company where I can use the practical experience from the electrical trade, combined with my electrical engineering theory and design experience, to create innovative custom systems and electronics that I design, build, test, install, and maintain myself. One example is a fully automated residential hydroponic setup that has wireless control with web interface.

I don’t have revolutionary society changing innovations right now, but I will be doing my engineering degree project next year. Given that this will be online due to Covid-19, It would be absolutely amazing to have this equipment to work around the clock on and create a project that will have an impact.

I truly believe I have huge ambition for future inventions and won’t let this equipment go to waste.

Thank you!


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