As a young boy, I was very fascinated with what technology has brought us, specifically in the field of electronics. I marveled at genius people such as Edison and Tesla. One of my dreams is to invent something that would greatly help humanity. I want to contribute to the rapidly developing technology.

My first ambition is to make space travel much, much faster. I want to develop a machine that can harness the magnetic fields, vacuum, and planet’s gravity in space. With these factors and many more unknown factors, a spacecraft should be able to travel at or above the speed of light.

My second goal is to develop special “glasses” with filters that can “see” the entire range of the electromagnetic spectrum. With this, you can see radiation from rocks, radio waves from satellites, and signals from wireless devices.

My last and most important ambition is to make a device that will charge batteries not only wirelessly but also touchless. The technology today brought wireless phone charging. This is great, but the downside is that the phone has to be on the charging pad. I want to advance from the wireless charging and make it touchless/contactless. Using the technology of sending radio waves to satellites and back down, I want to build batteries that can be charged by waves of electrical energy. This idea will be very useful in electric cars and planes because they will never have to stop to charge.

I understand that my ambitions and goals are very futuristic, but I hope with enough research and equipment, I will be able to do my share in adding to the vastly expanding technology of the 21st century.


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