Hi, what's up? So...I'm finishing the 7th semester of electronic engineering and I'm looking forward to something cool for my dissertation.

My workbench
My desktop/the sofa/the table (where we eat) and according to the job's size, I'd even used the floor.

My current tools according your sheet are: calculator (phone/laptop/Casio), solder accessories (crafted/recycled), soldering iron, multimeter, tweezers, fume extractor 1/3 (my fan), power supply (phone chargers), wire strippers, wire cutters, hot glue gun, hobby knife (Victorinox), components (very few and recycled), extra stuff (no cheating) (ANYTHING AT HOUSE if it gets the job done...and doesn't create another).

My to-do list:
Recover both Casio, enhance multimeter to use external 12V rechargeable battery pack, design/build induction cooker see why 3/4 TVs aren't turning on. Honorable mention to periodical/pseudo-perpetual resistor cooker devices wiring change (they tend to burn) and other home appliances.

I can do all of this safely without purchasing more equipment, nonetheless, any help is TRULY WELCOME, especially when speaking about my upcoming dissertation... I haven't chose yet, because I really want to do something cool like:

  • A drone or some IA stuff or maybe a drone with IA stuff or a remote control drone; that would mix control theory, communications and programming, it would be neat... Stressful but funny.
  • Some antennas and make them exchange some kind of data...I wonder if I can enhance the Bluetooth antennas of two old phones to increase their reach.
  • Making a digital induction cooker? I doesn't look that flashy.
  • Create an antenna to receive data from some satellite.

From those four I think I can do one and three without buying equipment...but it would help a lot, especially the signal generator and the oscilloscope. Actually, these two would be great on all four cases!

I want to do something great so I can help mom, dad and myself by getting some job after graduation. Any help is appreciated, God bless.


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