I’m an aspiring electronics/robotics engineer, currently studying a 1st year in Bachelor of Engineer (Robotics) (Honors), Masters of Engineering (Electrical and Electronic) at Flinders University. I design and build projects with an an electronics focus, and always find myself eager to learn more. I’m so eager to learn electronics that last year I completed the Engineering Electronics topic and another Engineering topic at Flinders University, as a part of my Year 12 studies. I’ve been making simple circuits since I can remember, my love of electronics runs deep.

I built this bench from scratch with my dad last year to house my rapidly expanding projects. Not long after, I received a Siglent (sorry Keysight) SDS1104X-E 4CH 200MHz 1GSa/s oscilloscope for my 18th birthday! Which was the best gift I could have asked for. I’d been using my Kenwood CS-1021 20MHz oscilloscope a year, after scoring it on Gumtree (Australian eBay) in mint condition! Needless to say, I was hooked on oscilloscopes and what they enabled me to learn about the hidden world of electronics.

My current DMM is a fantastic value and has served me well over the years, but all good labs require a second DMM. Not only to make accurate measurements, but to make simultaneous measurements that are otherwise impossible. I’ve checked the datasheet for the EDU34450A and it’s already got me excited about how much it would benefit me, particularly for data-logging on my current project.

To me, these Smart Bench Essentials are more than just test gear. They are an opportunity to learn new things, make new insights, and to further curiosity. I often sit at my bench and think of all the possibilities and innovations that I could make a reality, just with what I already have on hand. I can only begin to imagine how many ways there are to utilize the simplicity and interconnected nature of these instruments, and what possibilities they uncover. My goal is for this lab to facilitate all of those possibilities, and bring my ideas into reality. Which is truly the reason why I love electronics, to create.

Thank you.

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