We have a lab in which children starting at the age of ~10 start soldering, build electronic circuits, build robots (simple ones), do breadboard experiments (including Ben Eater's CPU) and finally pass the amateur radio license exam at an age of ~18.

There are 15 children in 3 groups right now, so we decided to become a bit more professional by a) renting an additional room, and b) building individual workbenches, so that each participant may have his own set of equipment.

Our equipment like oscilloscopes and function generators is mostly old analog stuff taking up a lot of space. Just a few items on loan are digital or cheap Chinese clones.

We're providing our schematics and presentations for free download. In the future, we're planning to produce YouTube videos in our native language (German), because the children do not understand enough English to follow the cool electronics channels out there.

Besides education, we also have fun by eating pizza, doing foxoring (Amateur Radio Direction Finding), visiting power plants, etc.

Our urgent need is some good power supplies. Our old analog ones break down quite often and we do a lot with batteries, which is not very healthy for the environment.


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