Working as an Embedded Systems Consultant for the past 10 years. My work was focused mainly on embedded firmware design, development, and maintenance. Around two years ago, I founded my own self-funded startup company and am pursuing to develop hardware products. For such developments, I need to update my workbench. My needs are for test and measurement equipment. For instance, I am developing a battery-powered handheld device as a product. To test and measure, I need a precise and accurate digital multimeter, power supply, function generator, and oscilloscope. These pieces of equipment can help me design the product(s) without the need to go and seek such equipment. During COVID lockdown, my project(s) was almost nearly at snail speed due to a lack of access to such equipment.

"Let me dream and Keysight do the test."

emb_dev_desk_.jpeg - it shows my work bench where all the embedded firmware development is done. Devices are powered to USB port.
soldering_work_station.jpeg - it shows the soldering station on another table, for small rework or any prototype work.


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