My company consists of only 9 individuals yet we export to the whole world. What do we export? Leading edge HW and SW to control industrial and agricultural dryers.

During my whole career I have been developing SW but now that I've joined DMSI for the first time in my life I am developing HW too, including PCBs and periphery. Hence I need to upgrade my very basic electronics bench. My current project is to design and build a miniature peltier heater/cooler cell that can programmatically step through a range of temperatures and then measure and record the frequency of oscillation or capacitance of different grains contained within the cell. (See 3 pic. )

I have already built a large crude version of this apparatus. Basically it's an oven with a control and measurement system. The problem is that it takes about a week to run through all of the test parameters for a single type of grain. Most of the time is spent setting a target temperature and then waiting until the sample reaches steady state before a measurement can be extracted. I'm hoping that a miniaturized version will settle an order of magnitude faster.

The intent of these devices is to completely characterize the permittivity of the gelatinized starch within corn, wheat, barley, soy, etc. under a variety of moisture contents and temperatures. This is in order to refine the accuracy of our moisture sensors. Hopefully, we can determine the optimal frequency at which to conduct measurements, as well as create mathematical models that will accurately predict moisture content.

Actually, there is a suite of other experimental SW and HW projects that are planned for the future, such as NIR and IR spectroscopy, X-band radar attenuation techniques that could also be used to enhance the measurement of moisture content. These projects would also benefit from more sophisticated lab electronics. To date, I've paid for all of my test equipment (including a Keysight DMM6500) and all of the PCBs and components out of my own pocket. I am hoping that Keysight could assist me. Thanks in advance.


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