When I was a little young man my goals were simple: create the most awesome LEGO structures possible. When growing up, the tinglings to create something still lingered. To fullfill my needs I chose to study electrical engineering. The love for electronics began with soldering simple circuits, creating my own cheap tools. During my study the circuits became more and more complex. The need for professional working tools was becoming bigger. Especially now in my final year, during the pandemic.

My brother and I started our own company. We repair broken electronics and fix computers. We give advice about electrical schematics and PCB designs. We don't really do this for the money, it's a labor of love. And since studies are very expensive, it is very hard to get quality measurement equipment for the workbench.

The current tools on the workbench vary from hand soldered function generators, to a recently bought oscilloscope. The oscilloscope was indispensable for both my study and the company. The other tools I bought in a thrift store. They did not know the function of these tools, resulting in dirt cheap prices.

I love how materials can create a story. My workplace is a reflection of certain phases in my life. When out of money, I made my own working light. Working on a daily bases with these tools is very satisfying, knowing that I have worked my butt off for it. Winning the Smart Bench Essentials would be epic...Not only does this continue the story on my workbench, it makes it a lot more beautiful than it already is.

Thank you for reading, hopefully you enjoy my workbench as much as I do!


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