I started my interest in designing and building electronics in my teen years and had my Amateur Radio license before my driver’s license.  I knew at a young age I would be an Electrical Engineer and have been happily employed as one for over 30 years.  So naturally retirement is on the near horizon which then begs the question, why would Keysight have interest in equipping me with new equipment?  Here’s why.  My youngest son is just about finished his first year at a community college in an Electrical Engineering Technology program and it has given me great pleasure to tutor him through the program.  So much so, I can expect that I will venture to expand my tutoring role to others in his class and volunteer with the college as time permits. Naturally, the lab equipment presented during circuit demonstrations will play a key part in teaching and I believe the Keysight functions and features are well suited for that roll, particularly with the online nature teaching has become. As you can see, my current work-at-home lab space is a disconnected set of equipment and will not stay with me on retirement. Without the equipment, I will have to stick to the pure academic side of tutoring which isn’t nearly as fun as tweaking knobs and probing circuits with Keysight equipment. Please consider me for the prize winner.


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