I started my education in EET over 30 years ago but went to computers before I finished. Now I am getting back into electronics. Lots to refresh upon as I go forward in my hobby!! My workbench is a folding table right now, but I am building a larger bench out of a used door that will fit in the space where the printers are located. First major project was Godzilla with sound effects and lighting. My oldest son took a model and chopped it up so we could get access to the spines to put LEDs in. The circuit for Godzilla took way longer to build and test. A good DMM and oscilloscope would have helped a ton here. Once the electronics were finished, the initial test was fantastic!! The printing took a long time but turned out great! The future is so bright for Godzilla with more sound and lighting effects and Bluetooth access. The current project on the bench is a motion-sensing LED light switch for under my bed and bathroom vanity. I didn't want to use a microcontroller since I knew I could make it with components. Not having test equipment cost me a couple of hours testing before I figured out my 555 timer IC was bad. Next will be garden automation for my wife's garden. I will be tracking rain amount, temp, humidity, soil moisture, and local weather information and then displaying the information on a web page plus text alerts for certain thresholds. All WiFi enabled and solar-powered. It has been very fun to share something I love with my boys. They are now requesting we work on projects together. How great is that??!! So a workbench equipped with the latest in test equipment would make everything go faster and easier when working with my sons.


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