Hello there*, I am Nathan and thank you for taking the time to read my entry. I'm a 21-year-old student from Belgium studying for a professional bachelors degree in IoT. And what you see here is my home electronics/hobby/study desk. It's where I can create and innovate.

As this is my first year, I haven't had the chance to be on campus very much and thus haven't had access to the campus' proper lab equipment. Nonetheless I am super motivated to learn and experiment. Always searching for that next experiment or project; making my home smarter with self-made MQTT devices, automating my reptile enclosures (heating humidity, etc.), designing robots, repairing and making electronics, 3D printing stuff or designing a detector to detect when a dog bowl is used.

I hope to one day (perhaps naively) to create a solution to better the world through IoT, maybe a network that can make use of the resources in the most efficient way possible.

My course is just 2 years but I am already looking for new challenges. Am I going to study another course or find a workplace that challenges me? I don't know yet but the future is bright. What I do know, however, that it is time to thank you for reading my entry.


Also, if you have any advice on organizing your home lab, keeping it nice and tidy, electronics, studying at home or just advice in general feel free to contact me on Linkedin.

Note: Before you ask yes I did clean my desk before making a picture :)

*General Kenobi


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