Hello Keysight!

I am Martin and I am not blind in the literal sense, but in a technical engineering sense, where I do often feel sightless on the key elements of my projects. I have just graduated this January from Product Development (specialized in EE) and up until then, I'd had nonstop access to our school laboratories with all the equipment one can ever need and I had foolishly spent my extra income on other gadgets (such as drones).

Now, with the only public maker space in my area closed (due to COVID) and my empty pocket, I am searching through second-hand stores and online markets trying to find cheap broken instruments I could fix. That is how I obtained and repaired my old one-channel power supply, just for $15! My only multimeter costs only $10. Now I have my eyes set on an analog oscilloscope (Tektronix 468), which will also need repairing, but is much more expensive and I will need better tools to fix it. I would love to later use this analog scope to create music using OsciStudio software (https://oscilloscopemusic.com/) - not my product, obviously. I have also started building my own synthesizer, and even though I am currently in the very early stages, I could already use all of the instruments in the bundle.

What other projects do I need the tools & instruments for?

I am a volunteer in a local repair cafe, so having these instruments would greatly improve my ability to help others with their gadgets, appliances, and tools (fixing analog devices such as speakers gets quite difficult without a scope).

I also want to spice up (just SPICE won't do) my CV with creative projects so I can improve my chances to find a job in the industry. That is why I'm currently attending a Hackster.io contest for creating a smart wearable (patient monitoring) using Nordic Semiconductor hardware. Pretty soon there will be moments I will be in deep need of seeing what's happening on my breadboard.

Thank you for your consideration and this opportunity to obtain all the essentials I am missing.


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