I could really use the Keysight Smart Bench Essentials Test Instruments - why? Because I don't have any of those types of instruments nor do I have a permanent bench. I've always dreamed of building up a nice set of equipment since graduation but could never afford the high quality of equipment like I learned on in school. I was very patient in waiting to build up the funds to afford the best. After nearly 40 years, I'm still waiting. I was fortunate to receive an old Tektronix T912 oscilloscope from my wife's coworker that he obtained for personal use from his company's surplus sales. I got it when he no longer had a use for it. It failed after a few years to a point I could no longer fix it so it went out to electronic waste. Without any benchtop equipment, there was no need for a bench. I remain portable and set up my 'bench' wherever I can with my Fluke 289 DMM and BK Prescision LCR meter. For this challenge, I mocked up a typical setup on a coffee table to sort of show what I have. (Illustration #1)

Of course, the coffee table is a temporary work bench so it gets cleared off and all my tools are stored in the black tool case and the hanging file box. (Illustrtion #2)

Most of what I work on is limited to repairing household electronics but with the Smart Bench Essentials Test Gear, I can move to possibly creating something of my own.



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