Hi, I am a Space Biologist Engineering student in her first year of a PhD. Currently, I am working on developing a mini autonomous lab that will hopefully be sent to the ISS! I hope that with this system it can offer a low-cost opportunity to entice researchers join forces and uncover the effects of microgravity on Earth applications. I love space because of its unique environment allowing us to uncover the physiology, growth and development of animals and plants under those constraints which has been a hot topic since the beginning of space exploration over 60 years ago.

My current workbench is literally brought to life with many plants which seems very unconventional looking compared to the other entrant’s benches, but I think it’s my nice personal touch. In terms of actual functional tools this bench is quite minimal as I have a power supply, multimeter and a soldering station that my dad decided to glue to spare pieces of wood which has kinda gotten me by for the past few years. Since my bench setup is quite bare it makes it difficult to identify some of the mistakes i've made in my design. For example, having an oscilloscope would help in identifying that the reason for my board not powering is because I connected things to the wrong pin. I hope to be able to have the tools to accelerate the development of a functional system. I also think it would be nice to have as many lab bench equipment as I do plants.

My mission is to offer a low-cost opportunity with this system to entice researchers to join forces and uncover the effects of microgravity on Earth applications and improve the mechanisms and treatment of countless medical ailments here on Earth.

The most important addition to my workbench is having my lovely lab partner who helps me during those late nights working on my circuit only to realize I have connected wires to the wrong pin! To be able to work from home would be most ideal so that I can be around my lab partner more. 😊

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