I have been a tech enthusiast my entire life. Therefore I have the vision to participate in future development.

To achieve this goal I have started to dive deep into the rabbit hole of software development and microcontrollers. Unfortunately my resources are limited and so I built my own equipment which gave me the ability to develop my first smart devices. Together with my 3D printer I was able to construct and build a smart lithophane lamp which is WiFi controllable, with changing colors. Another achievement was combining the door lock with a NFC tag reader also with WiFi support. There are several more projects (WiFi Internet radio box, smart lamp, temperature controller...), but I often reach the limitations of my equipment.

Another problem is the error tracking, in which it is not always clear if it comes form the project or the equipment.

My workbench consists of a self-built CC/CV power supply with a lamp transformer as the source. For smaller loads I use LiPo power packs and USB energy sources. To test current ans voltage I've been using my Voltcraft multimeter which is a loyal companion since my apprenticeship 15 years ago. My newest self-built measuring device is a "precision" current meter built around an INA29 DC sensor.

When working with frequencies I use an oscilloscope kit (dreaming of a professional one for years) and some DIY frequency generators.

For fast testing and determining electrical components there is the GeekTech GM328A kit, which operates also by an LiPo battery.

For my new project ideas (a universal smart home remote and a offline smart speaker) I could really use some dependable and capable equipment, as they become more and more complex.

Hopefully, I've given you some insight into my vision and my limitations :-)

Cheers and stay healthy,

Sebastian Riedel


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