My own workshop is in our living room. (My wife is very understanding, thank her for that!) Here I build a variety of amps, for both guitar and bass. I also build custom-made microphones for guitar and bass as needed. My plan is to produce guitar amps for sale. As you can see from the picture, there is little space and a lot of stuff. Currently, the biggest shortcoming, in addition to the lack of space, is the necessary measuring instruments, I only have a modest digital multimeter. It does not quite work to check the functionality of the amplifiers. However, I like my hobby, which will also be a part-time job in the future, until now only a hobby.

What if I designed it myself designed a low-power, single-ended tube amplifier, for example? Would I connect power tubes as a triode or pentode? Is negative feedback possibly used? How do I implement bias adjustment? And so on. The subject is very interesting, and you will notice that it is evolving itself, as well as how little you really know about it.


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