Hey Keysight University,

My Name is John and I am a Product Design Engineer and a MAKEr.

My workbench is comprised of 2' x 8’ long butcher block tables. Behind my workbench is a DIY 2x6 frame that houses the majority of my electronic components and modules I work with. In this I have an assortment of microcontrollers and modules to aid in rapid prototyping.

My equipment that I use most frequently are:

  • AOYUE Reflow station for SMD Rework
  • HAKKO Soldering Iron
  • Anycubic Photon Resin Printer
  • Anycubic Wash and Cure Station 2.0
  • Creality FDM 3d Printer
  • Silicone Soldering Mat
  • Wen-Tai SMD Component Storage Boxes

I have the tendency to color code my components for ease of access and so far it appears to be a sustainable method of labeling. With the use of the Wen-TAI storage boxes I am able to take just the component I need for any given project or PCB panel. This process was painstaking but the end result is an easier time in assembling boards and not having to deal with loose components.

One of my biggest challenges is that my budget Is tight and having support from Keysight in getting accurate and reliable equipment would be a game changer for my workflow.

One of my main aspirations is to design, build and distribute/sell both commercial an open source products on the open market. With Keysight testing equipment I can be assured in the reliability and accuracy of the products I develop.


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