If you see the picture of the workbench you know, we are in desperate need of modern benchtop equipment.

We are servicing remote controls for model airplanes and did have a huge kick in the butt from the pandemic lockdowns. so no money left for huge investments...function generator is outdated, as it is felt 30 years old and was relevant for remote controls in MHz range.

Modern remote controls for model airplanes work in the GHz range 2.4GHz and video transmission in 5.8GHz. so our crystal control equipment becomes used only for old-timer remotes and works more or less (display starts flickering after a time, etc.). The same for signal generator, etc.

The size of these old-timer generators and the small space workplace are contrary... a smaller unit will make work a bigger pleasure. :)

Further we support local youth. We have a little makerspace where we can help youngsters to get into electronics and modeling.

As a self-taught electronic worker and educated engineer in the machine industry, I know how hard it is to get into electronics as a youngster without a budget or connections. So please help us to gain space and increase efficiency to be able to help the next generation of maker/hobbyist/modelers.

Thank you for Your vote. :) Best regards and have pleasure with your hobby (..and/or work if you're into electronics...)



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