Hi there, this is my workbench setup. I'm currently working on 230VAC to 24VDC 3KW SMPS for a tethered drone. I'm using a PFC and PSFB converter for the same. To test the system I came up with some creative solutions instead of purchasing high quality instruments which were beyond my budget. The transformer used was wound in-house. To measure the number of windings, I made a counting meter and a current measurement sensor to monitor the current.

After assembling the PCB, I realized the heating issues with different MOSFETS and magnetic components, so I used 4 thermistors to monitor and log the data. In order to power up the analog ICs in the PFC and PSFB, I made a power supply with 3 channels, 0VDC to 36VDC CV 100W;0VDC to 36VDC CC/CV-300W; and 36V to 100V CV boost. I used the boost converter as a variable electronic load, by connecting two 1500W electric kettles (which I use to make my awesome tea), which provided a range from 2W to 555W.

My PC oscilloscope isn't capable of capturing the signals that I'm interested in, so during testing it was hard to figure out the MOSFET heating issues. I made multiple changes on the board, to tweak optimum heat condition and dead time to achieve ZVS.

If an oscilloscope EDU1052 with a differential probe is used, it's much easier and less time consuming to reach ZVS, analyze THD, stability and higher efficiency. The temperature measurements could be more precise using the smart bench DMM. With Smart Bench Essentials I believe it would be easier to measure continuous load test from remote location, visualize Bode plot, provide and measure precise voltage and current, test load transient response, capture different signals, and reliability of design would be much better.

I always aspire to excel in the field of power electronics and embedded systems, and I'm striving for the same. My dream is to build an AI-based electric tractor, since I would love to provide some innovation in the agricultural domain. Thank you for providing an opportunity to express myself.


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