I'm Markus and I like to build small gadgets that solve problems. You know what they say: More gadgets, more tools! Where a multimeter was enough in the past, an oscilloscope, signal generator or spectrum analyzer is a must now.

Due to the pandemic, my outdoor activities were severely restricted so I had to find new ways to stay fit. So I set out to develop a gadget to turn my "dumb" old-school home trainer into a modern "smart trainer" by controlling the trainer via a microcontroller.

What started as a tiny small app now became an application hosting all kinds of BLE services and can be used with apps like Zwift, Tacx, etc.

I've put everything on GitHub where I described my journey:


My setup consists of a cheap power supply, multimeter, soldering station and oscilloscope for basic measurements. And, of course, my big Homer Buddha overseeing all my activities and remembering me to keep smiling in these times!

The areas I will tackle next are:

  • Motor control: I'd love to build an inverted rotary pendulum and control it via a motor. Those things are so fascinating!
  • Audio processing: I want to develop a simple E-guitar effects processor using a DSP on a micro.
  • A flight cockpit for Flightsimulator 2020 with all kinds of gauges, physical controls and switches.

While trying to repair an audio equalizer I clearly noticed that what I am still missing is a good signal generator for testing and for the DSP project as well!

Apart from those future challenges I recognize I still lack some EE fundamentals and thus I set up simple circuits that I play around with. Reading about something in textbooks is one thing but seeing graphs on an oscilloscope reacting live to a manipulation of a component in a circuit is another.

Those tools for sure will help me a lot and the Keysight Smart Bench Essentials would be a great fit for my bench. Thank you, Keysight!


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