I’m Lara and I’m working from home, like so many others. In 2019 I had just finished building an IoT prototyping lab at a rather massive tech company. That’s history. Now I contract from home, and I need my lab. I’m really trying to break the dependency on large company resources. So far I’ve bought the expensive software tools (Cadence), but the cheap hardware tools. It’s a start. It’s the high-speed test gear that’s really still way outside my budget. I spent two full months chasing a PCIe issue, only to find out it was the chip manufacturers documentation mistake. Our old 500 MHz scope died of old age in that process. It had a floppy drive.

I do mostly electrical and firmware work, but I keep learning the materials and mechanics stuff as well. That explains the mill, lathe, purse and SolidWorks license a bit. I spend a year or so working with a great EMC guy. It changed the way I design PC boards. My designs will usually pass bare board these days. It’s like all that physics stuff from school really matters. I also have much history in entertainment and media technology, so that’s fun. It makes me a bit of a local go-to for anything audio, video, or lighting related.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time around science education. The Exploratorium in San Francisco started me down that path some time ago. I’ve made quite a few bar-top science demos over the years. They’re all kid friendly, but I used to participate in science talks at a local brewpub and also a wine bar. There’s was also a lot of astronomy content. We liked to have space for everyone.

There’s a picture in the video of me at the Exploratorium. They have a wonderful annual event called the Science of Cocktails. It’s pretty self-explanatory. And yes, that actually is the dress.

A Keysight upgrade would essential to make my workbench more test positive.

Thank you for the Spirit and Opportunity.

I’ve got to go now. My battery is low and it’s getting dark.



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