Hi! I'm Austin, I have a passion for inventing and a bunch of skills to back it up! I've just recently graduated from college and already want to go back. I would spend every day working in our campus makerspace on on all sorts of crazy projects and inventions. I actually spent so much time there I ended up getting voted onto the student advisory board that ran the makerspace. This meant I could even go in on the weekends and open it up just for myself! I'd play chill music all day and get lost in my work. Every benchtop was my canvas, but now that I've graduated, moved away, and just got married, I've lost all my tools to work with effectively (very sad). However, my drive to create hasn't been lost at all. I've still been able to whip out some fun stuff but nothing on the level that I used to. I have a soldering setup, multimeter, and one of those make your own oscilloscope kits. They work okay but they're nothing like what I used to have. I used to build go-karts and minibikes from scrap electric scooters, I would put together and run workshops for all different ages and experience levels. I even did a workshop where I taught people how to make a personal FM radio transmitter so you could play music in old cars. I felt like it was my calling; I still do actually. Unfortunately the pandemic had other plans, but it also gave me a chance to experiment with different approaches to remote teaching and workshops. I have some great plans that I'd love to put time into and get off the ground but my current setup is not enough. I'd love to start a series of workshops over Zoom or Twitch to teach people the basics of 'making' and the fun of becoming a 'maker,' and showing others my passion to inspire the next generation.


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