Welcome to Admittansen!

We are a student organization located on the top floor in Ryd in Linköping, Sweden.

Our organization has been around for many years, more than 40 strong now. During this time we have had a lot of time to accumulate different parts and IC circuits.

One really nice thing is that we gather people from all types of engineering to allow more creativity when people with different knowledge bases meet. Here we think there are great possibilities for future projects that our members will create.

We find there are a lot of advantages of the organization. We can keep a stock of new as well as ancient parts ready to be used. There is always someone in the slack with guidance or advice on troubleshooting your project. Access to all our instruments and tools, from soldering irons to an improvised drill press to a 3D printer to power supplies and oscilloscopes. We have gathered many instruments over the lifetime of the organization. Many come as donations.

We had a plan to spread our knowledge through courses to both new and old members. We haven't found a way to do this digitally so the project is on hold until restrictions lift.

Our large flip-dot display is a neat project we did a few years ago. The display modules come from old buses and now several are stacked to form a large display. In the video you can see us playing Tetris on it. Can you also spot it in the third picture?

This is us and our bench!

Have a nice day everyone.


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