Robbie here, I am a design engineer and hold a masters degree from the University of NSW. I really desire this Keysight equipment award to ‘rocket’ me into a space-science industry PhD, as the hallowed fields of satellite wireless-intrusion-detection and signal-intelligence are my areas of career interest.

Flinders University Robotics Division ACIM based at Adelaide’s Tonsley Innovation District in cooperation with South Australia’s Space Industry Centre SASIC are now offering ‘space scholarships’ for 2021. Keysight ‘Smart Bench Essentials’ gives me the functionality to finalize my satellite telemetry projects to be in real contention with the available ACIM research positions.

I do manufacturing and automation. My ‘buzz’ is systems design, prototypes and manufacturing involving simulation, testing and validation to optimization. I measure radio signals and their ‘ghoulish’ complexities but I’d rather be ‘surfing’ a wave than be left wanting for a better scope.

My current workbench (pictured) has a satellite radio orientation for software-defined RF spectrum analysis. And to test my prototype radio antenna-tracking controllers (pictured) for satellites, my trusty Fluke 87 DMM is now lacking the functionality to cut it!

The Smart Bench Essentials provide me a superior power supply and voltmeter to test and record RF noise and interference on my radio boards. The spiral satellite antenna (pictured) can be mode tested for SWR and Hi-Q with the signal generator and oscilloscope. This prize offers me greater variances in power, ranges and signal types and is exactly what I need to finish my projects on time and under budget.

I also want Keysight’s product ‘authenticity’ to certify my projects going forward while I’m impressing my school and future employers. If I am to succeed in the aerospace communication and telemetry field, ‘Smart Bench Essentials’ will get me into that worldwide communication ecosystem, faster!

I’m here to win the Smart Bench Essentials. Besides, a SASIC student year of only affording baked beans without the Keysight Smart Bench Essentials is almost too hard to even contemplate!

So put my name up on the prize box and let's get my space-science career on the fast lane to success!


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