I am a French student passionate about electronics. I am studying in this field with a view to obtaining an engineering degree.

I carried out several personal projects which allowed me to learn myself, such as an electric scooter at 13 years old.

More recently, at the start of the COVID pandemic, I made a device that inactivates the coronavirus in the air using powerful ultraviolet rays. This device was ordered by the renowned Dr.Jacques Lebahar (https://www.thonon-orthodontie.com/).

This device was designed exclusively for this person: a powerful 130W amalgam tube is used. It's designed to be able to be regularly switched on for a few minutes with a powerful microwave detector operating 360°, a long-range FM remote control, and a slow preheating is used to limit the wear of the lamp.

Currently, I spend my days designing a prototype of wireless power-transmission, using resonant coils.

There are real issues behind the wireless energy transmission, especially in the automotive sector: https://www.itu.int/dms_pub/itu-r/opb/rep/R-REP-SM.2392-2016-PDF-E.pdf

The peculiarity of my work is that I am looking to experiment at resonant devices in a frequency range that isn't generally used for these transmissions (0.1-50Mhz, whereas current devices use 0.5-14 GHz range). Also, I will experiment using classic but also more complex modulations (PRF,ΔΣ...).

I'm leading this project because there are few in-depth-studies on resonating devices at these frequencies on high power. However, I find that the few research projects carried out are, to my knowledge, very promising.

So who knows, maybe my method will be the energy transmission method of the future?

There are increasingly serious projects in this field (Emrod, Alanson Sample, Lectrifi...), but they are really different from what I seek to achieve in frequencies, distances and power.

This research comes at a cost. I just have enough to buy the components that I need. My only measuring devices are a not very fair Chinese oscilloscope and a quite wrong multimeter.

This is why it’s absolutely necessary to upgrade my hardware. I think all the work I put in makes sense, and I cannot work properly with so little material!

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