Hi, I'm Thomas and I work as a Consulting Analyst and System Engineer in the rare and underfunded field of interdisciplinary analysis. My private workbench for electronics has changed over the years, from small to big, back to less & meanwhile the whole thing evolved to several quite small workbenches with different tasks (measurement, test assembly, prototype, production).

You will find a marriage of very old and up-to-date tools on my measurement workbench (1976 - 2019). But, did they really fit to please my different tasks in the past? Mostly yes, but sometimes: Nope - regrettably insufficient! Sometimes you may be able to improvise around those lacks - which is already innovation by itself - in other times you just find yourself on an unsatisfying blind flight through the fog of fast physics.

What do I do on my measurement workbench (32” x 32”)?

Except for some past prototype developments - for ex: in the professional area of optical data transmission - my workbench mainly serves me as a part of my very own interdisciplinary pattern recognition research lab.

The main goal in my research is to discover corresponding congruent patterns within different disciplines (including electronics). For what reason? To identify mostly unnoticed but essential relations and laws, which could lead to new innovations. This may sound like Greek to some, but in core it is quite simple. The challenge to be succesful in interdisciplinary pattern recognition – beside being gifted for that - is to regain a child-like view, to scrutinize common concepts & personal affections, to have perseverance, and last but not least, to use the right tools and strategies to obtain a clear view on possible recurring patterns within different disciplines. And of course, the common language of it all is mathematics.

Exceptional innovations always grow quite fast on the profound understanding of those congruent and simple patterns that already exist in entirely different disciplines.

Would a more homogeneous measurement setup help me in my research efforts: Very likely :) - especially if these new tools could improve my ability to automate series of tests with data acquisition capabilities.

Greetings, thank you and Godspeed!


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