The workbench which I have set up now was started during my college time. I started to buy some small stuff like a wire cutter, a basic multimeter, and so on. Later when I started to work and earn money, I began to buy instruments such as a bench multimeter, power supply, and other items as well. Most of the instruments which I have bought are refurbished items and they cost less. My goal in building this workbench is to learn new knowledge and be a maker. Ultimately to share the knowledge and experience which I have gained with the community. Most of my challenges come from getting the right tool for the job. Right now I don't have a working oscilloscope, hence if I wanted to analyze the signal waveform, it would be very difficult. In the end, I ended up leaving the task and moving on to the next project. If only I had the right tool, it would have helped me to accomplish more projects. My aspiration is to create a more open-source project that can be shared and be beneficial for others. Previously I have developed a controller for automated plant watering and successfully completed it. The current project which I am working on is the portable reader for the SPE chip. The specific challenge which I am facing in completing the first stage of this project is to get a better reading of the waveform. The current oscilloscope which I am using is no longer working. Hence I strongly believe that winning the Keysight Smart Bench Essentials Challenge would help me complete this project and contribute to society.


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