My workbench is the place I literally build my dreams. I can't begin to tell you how much time I have spent at this bench working on projects for myself or others. I built the bench (and now benches) when I graduated college. While in college I worked on a computer vision project that required a model helicopter. Back before "drones" existed we dreamed of a computer being able to fly a helicopter. Back then things like Arduino's, Raspberry Pi's and cheap wireless modules were non-existent. Studying as a software engineering student I wanted to focus on writing computer vision algorithms that would control the helicopter. To accomplish this I needed the computer to be able to control my r/c model. I found a device that would feed a PPM signal (combined PWM values) into the trainer port of an R/C radio. R/C radios have a feature called the trainer port which allows two controllers to be connected together allowing for easier training of learning to fly. The trainer allowed a master to connect to a student’s radio via a cable that allowed it to take over in the event that the student needed help.

The bench is made from 2x4s, 4x4s and plywood. It features a lower and upper shelf. The upper shelf contains fluorescent lights and there are 6 120V outlets built into the main level of the shelf. One of the nice things about it is that I built it using some heavy duty bolts to make disassembly and moving easy. It has traveled with me to 4 new locations since I built it.

On the bench you will usually find a mess of tools and project pieces but I really do try to keep it clean. I keep a computer and two monitors on the bench as well as my soldering iron and power supplies. Not far away are two 3D printers, a microscope, a solder pot, a reflow oven, a desktop milling machine and a drill press. Close by are a small band saw and sander.

My favorite thing on my workbench, though, is the pictures of my daughter Penelope.


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