Final week, even though it is quite unlikely that I will win anything, the challenge has motivated me to really tinker every day again, with my limited possibilities. I have to keep that up. It was nice to see what other people are up to and what other workbenches look like. Above all, I don't begrudge everyone the win, because I can identify with each and every one of them. Now my personal 6-week review.

First week my Private Phd recap:

Second week my bumbling attempt at deep learning:

Third week progress update:

Fourth week PCB design for model trains:

Fifth week my life during Corona:

And this week?
I finally got a replacement for my LNA that I blew up. With the help of Gustav I installed it and filmed it. Have fun watching! Maybe Dave has a job for me, I am very experienced in using measuring instruments in unusual ways, for example, on a small boat at the Baltic Sea!


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