Hey there!

I'm a maker from India and I've been making electronics projects for the last 5 years. The first project that I made was wireless energy transmission which gave me the boost I needed. Since my first project I've made a lot of projects such as DIY vinyl cutter using an old printer, an LED panel from a broken laptop screen, a mini-CNC machine, a Wi-Fi adapter from printer and tablet, a DC power supply using old computer supply, etc. The biggest challenge which I faced while working on this project was to reuse as many parts as I can from the printer. I wanted to reuse an optically encoded DC motor but I didn't have the proper equipment to measure pulses coming from the sensor.

For most of my projects, I used to go to the local school or college lab to use the oscilloscope and function generator. Due to Covid-19, that option is gone and I find myself helpless in some cases where I need to test or analyze circuit boards from old equipment.

I mainly spent time troubleshooting old electronics equipment like printers, microwaves, and laptops. I do this work because I love to reuse e-waste.

The main challenge in India is that there are no proper provisions for recycling the E-waste and thus the fact pushes me to take it upon myself and to use salvaged electronics components and spread the idea of reuse and recycling of the electronics products.

I will be glad to win this challenge because I will have the required devices to achieve my goal which is to reuse e-waste.

So thank you for organizing this challenge.


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