Hi, I’m Nedim, a recently graduated and aspiring embedded engineer. My mission is clear: find key insights into electronic devices, make them tick my way, and use the gained knowledge for the benefit of society and the environment.

To stay true to my goals, I need equipment that is often unaffordable. I’ve been going around that a DIY way, so many of my limited tools are self-made, even my 3D printer which I’ve been building from repurposed parts to understand its inner workings. My current workbench may be a wonderful host to my creations, but it’s hardly worthy of the fine Keysight equipment, so my creative side took the opportunity to make plans for a new one, visualized in the accompanying rendering.

New gear would help my passion for learning through fixing devices that would end up on a landfill, and in a fight for a right to repair. Reverse-engineering automotive parts to enable usage of healthy modules from one car in another brings me joy, and is near impossible without measurement and visualization of the signals. Bypassing unreasonable restrictions is always exciting, and a great way to support the local enthusiast community.

My latest project in the desperate need of measurement equipment is, like Keysight, envisioned around revealing the invisible. A common problem for everyone is dark, so I’m creating a flashlight! Designing a device capable of lighting a sports field, being pocketable and safe is no small task, no thanks to the unconventional features like Bluetooth, a screen UI or a power bank output. Bringing such a gadget to life, while ironically being in the dark, is not feasible. Additionally, open-sourcing it is paramount for me, and a perfect role for BenchVue to help with the documentation.

The workbench is a place where I enjoy every moment, but it is apparent that the lack of essentials is hindering my development. Without tools, I will not be able to pursue my passions, innovate, and continue to grow. I hope these are reasons enough to help me uncover that key insight I have been missing.

Thank you!


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