Hi! I am Patrik, I'm 26 years old and I study at the Brno University of Technology and live in the Czech Republic.

I've been interested in electronics from a very young age. As I learned more and more, I was really trying to get a hold of some equipment. First I got a DMM. After some time I received an analog oscilloscope from a high school I studied at, which was my mini dream come true. In my free time aside of school I was tinkering with analog circuits. I perfected my in-house PCB manufacturing, and I started learning how to repair devices and appliances.

I haven't talked about that in the video, but I take e-waste very seriously and I want to contribute to efficient reusing of functioning components. If not in the industry, then in the hobby field.

Now, I am working on projects that can change lives of more people. Such as new storage solutions for hobbyists and firms, and scoreboards for elementary schools and high schools that should replace old iron flip-scoreboards.

I have a great need of easily delivering specified voltage into my prototypes. I can go to university, or I can make my own solution in-house, but that is incomparable to having professional equipment for it. For example, if I wanted to analyze information on my current analog oscilloscope, I had to point a smartphone at the display and analyze the recording. It is almost magic that you can use a computer to talk to measurement equipment. I could use a signal generator to record a control chip output, and simulate different control signals of that chip. First thing I would do is testing the devices working together, because I see great oppotunities in this. For example, power supply output and data logging of the DMM.

I am thankful that I was able to present myself and I hope the tools downtime will be minimal. Because a machine that is not turned on is a useless machine.


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