I have been in test engineering since Oct. 1980, initially working on LTX’s ATE now working on the latest technology from Advantest, the 93K. My main career is now with Analog Devices, formerly Linear Technology in Silicon Valley, but additionally I am performing 6 other functions at test labs in LA and my engineering company in Thailand.


Because there is a dire shortage of test engineers!

Upper management at ADI has stated:

“It is increasingly difficult to hire experienced test engineers, or even hire strong engineers into the test engineering discipline. Nearly everyone wants to go to software! Essentially, how do we bring sexy back to test?”

I have decided to actually take this challenge full-on and built a workbench suited for this new mobile and global lifestyle.


My goal is quite simple: “Introduce test engineers to the mobile lifestyle and expand the talent pool from USA-centric to the world by maximizing CapEx utilization of ATE 24/7 through remote operation.”

My Dream Project

I have my sights on Keysight, yes the Reference 3458A needs re-engineering. Although Keysight did a wonderful job bringing sexy back to the outside facade of this instrument, nothing in the heart (LT1000Z Reference) has been upgraded. The dream is +/-1ppm which would be approx. 7.2uV annual drift.

Through collaboration with DPA Components, who have tested items that went to the moon and are currently on Mars, we are building a new reference hybrid that will address some of the engineering issues preventing obtaining a +/-1ppm annual drift specification.

The elephant in the room is the gestation period which is about as long as an elephant giving birth, so parlaying on this concept, early adopters will get a chance to adopt their elephant babies and be able to see real-time, through remote login and cameras, their babies in the womb of the aging ovens.

In keeping with the elephant theme, a portion of the proceeds will be going to real elephant charities in Thailand to save these endangered species.

This homelessengineer is ankling it, next stop Loveland, CO to certify my dream project.

Thanks for your time!


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