My workbench isn't completely mine. I'm the leader of ArgoTeam, a group of students passionate enough to pick up the soldering iron and try to challenge the industry of rover analogues. The thing that makes me come back to the workshop every time is the fact that I can share my love of electronics with my friends. We are building rovers to take part in competitions all around the world and, what's more important, to develop ourselves and delve deep into the world of electronics. In these difficult times, we refused to give up and are still trying to innovate, expand and push the boundaries. The one we are struggling to cross right now is a lack of specialized tools that could help us in reaching new levels of expertise.

Our work involves working on multiple levels and integrating various functionalities into a single driver able to communicate in a network with the MCU. For that, a CAN protocol analysis functionality of an oscilloscope would come in handy. Furthermore, the ICs we are using, mainly MOSFET drivers, are really sensitive to the interferences, which may cause them to malfunction. Right now, we are unable to accurately judge, if that may be the case. The rest of the potential uses of Keysight products are explained in the video along with a brief tour of the workshop.

It is a shame to see the projects we have spent countless hours working on not reaching their full potential. We are certain that, with Keysight's help, we can achieve great results.


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